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Version 1.8.3 : translations and investigation

Version 1.8.3 brings an updated and complete french transalation of But, what’s interesting is how this translation was made. have been elected for Libre hosting plan by WebLate is a great translation platform that provide smooth work flows in a dedicated user interface.

The WebLate arms are wide open to your contributions for any language you like. You can work on it on your side as long as you want, and you’ll be helped away by WebLate automated checks (about string ending spaces or colons or comas…).

I’ve been impressed by the auto-detection of my locale folder, locale files and native support of my JSON format. Regarding work flow, WebLate creates an internal Git repository to store contributions and then tries to push or merge back changes (and one might have to clone the WebLate repository to fix merge-conflicts, but it’s easy and once in front of this you already know how to fix it, no wheel re-invention).

I’ve setup a Framagit / GitLab webhook to allow WebLate to pull changes from the main repository as soon as they arrives, and I’m still working on getting merge requests back (instead of opening a full push access).

Widgets have been added to README, like this one (its part of the requirements to get the Libre hosting plan ;-) ) :

I hope it will bring a lot of new languages for interface. For the moment, knows how fetch sources from 50+ languages, but is only presented in 4.

By the way this new release brings the number of sources up to 450, including a new source theme called investigation.

It gather international sources such as :

  • Mediapart

  • The Intercept

  • Correctiv

But not :

  • (no search feature)

  • (not own search)

Newly listed among the incompatible sources.

And also some french sources :

  • Reporterre

  • Blast

  • 60 Millions de consommateurs

  • Bastamag

  • Fakir

  • Le Poulpe

  • Le Ravi

  • Le Sans-Culotte (85)

  • MarsActu

  • Leglob Journal (53)

If you know more of them (great, independent, investigation newspapers) don’t hesitate to send your recommendations.