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1. What is it? is a libre-software Firefox addon (WebExtension) to search the press online.

It works also great with the Tor Browser (which have been made, among other goals, to read the press with more confidentiality than with an ordinary web browser).

It works also on Android via IceCat Mobile or Fennec, that you can install from the libre software "store" Current official Firefox for Android can’t manage optional permissions.

You can install it from the 1st link of the "Ressources" box.

2. How does it work?

The add-on propagates your query to the selected sources and fetchs the results for you.

You will get the number of alleged results in all the sources, and the newest available results from each.

Newspapers are scrapped from the web (or RSS feeds of results), one by one. So you save, at each query, the time that the developpers spent parsing the newspapers :-)

Doing this won’t activate any ad. or social trackers of the queried newspapers, protecting your privacy, but it gives you back the choice of your information sources, via it’s elaborated source selection mecanism.

Once you get the results, you can select some and export them in RSS (or other formats). You’ll be able to re-import them later or use them somewhere else (send by email to a friend, import in WordPress…).

3. Who’s doing it?

Meta-Press.e is developped by Simon Descarpentries, CEO at

20210300 Meta Press C mon territoire
Figure 1. Simon D. in his office © 2021

You can help me dedicating more time to this project, supporting :

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The list of the glorious contributors is maintained : here.


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