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Version 1.7.1 : ergonomic improvements and feedback from Rochelug

The v1.7.1 has just been validated by Mozilla and will arrives in the web browsers of its users in the next hours (but you can still uninstall and re-install it to get the update sooner ^_^ or if you encounter a problem with scheduled searches :-/).

This new version brings a lot of under the surface things (like the automated test of sources, at last, acceleration of some treatments…), fix of dozens of sources (consequently), but most of all ergonomic improvements :

  • the main interface is now more sober

  • a welcome page has been added, which opens up only after the installation and tells the user to click on the button in the toolbar

  • the source creation feature is now separated from the regular settings in its own page

  • the headlines (now news) have a better presentation (border, width…)

  • better presentation also for the results, especially with images and/or long texts

The screenshots have been updated accordingly here :

Moreover, the communication efforts of the last months are fruitful with more than 500 downloads within 90 days and a recent record of 690 users in 24h. This last statistic may be surprising while compared with the ciphers announced last year, but Mozilla changed its way count users this summer [1] and rewrote the history of statistics of, cutting it by a half (ouch !). So we will soon reach 800 daily users, again, and it’s just a beginning.

Most of the ergonomic improvements bring by this new version are in fact due to feedback from the members of the 3 associations which where represented during the video-presentation of organized last week by the Rochelug association.

Ten persons were connected and I met different profiles : retired users, web developers, researchers and even an university librarian ! Talks were constructives et already turn into new lines of code in this new version.

Don’t forget the live presentation of next sat. 10th of april.

To finish, don’t hesitate to test again, to talk about it around you and to financially support it if you can.

1. Seems to have been the sun. 9th of august 2020 as I haven’t any previous download history