Decentralized search engine & automatized press reviews

Now is the time… is approaching the end of it’s NLnet support. We’ve done a lot of work thanks to them, and some cool features (such as automatic scheduled research) are to be released in the coming weeks.

2020 should have been a year full of public presentations for me, but everything have been canceled. I only managed to speak at an online event in July, which promised videos are still not online. So I call for a crowd-spreading of ! (and I hope I’ll be received for 2021 JDLL)

So now is a good time for the small but faithful community to engage and help reaching it’s target audience : everyone making press reviews !

Step up, speak about, to your family and friends, to your NGO, to local communities… Become an ambassador.

I had contacts with school documentation centers using, with researchers, with a literary blog maker, a Thomson-Reuters journalist. They all use and plan to use it more. This is always a great encouragement.

We plan to reach 300 sources this semester, but special efforts (setting field, full documentation…) were made to allow web developers to easily integrate new sources, and around 50 sources were already contributed. You can help us discovering and integrating more source.

A last but new way to help the project is to register for a small Patreon monthly support. Liberapay is still great, libre and available, but I opened a Patreon page to circumvent its current lack of recurring donations. The future of the project is in your clicks now !