Decentralized search engine & automatized press reviews

[NAOS] the free and decentralized press search engine

Discover, a free and decentralized online press search engine. Launched in 2020 by Simon Descarpentries, est freely available and can reach more than 900 newspapers around the world. Its built to work without ads and user tracking, making it fast, light on bandwidth and privacy friendly. Join this collaborative effort and help to shape the future of online information access.

  • An ethical and comprehensive alternative to Big Techs

  • A decentralized system honest with its users

  • An expanding libre software

To sum it up, its :

  • A full featured press search engine (still expanding)

  • No middleman between your web browser and your newspapers (so no tracking)

  • An advanced search panel allowing to refine results and giving full control over queried sources

  • Human validated sources only

  • Scheduled searches and exportable press reviews