Decentralized search engine & automatized press reviews

[Vivant-le-media] Ethical digital: read the news without GAFAMs

Energy hungry data centers, private life impairments, sharp user targeting based on searches… GAFAMs are calling for both ethical and environnemental stakes. To help user accessing GAFAM emancipated news, Simon Descarpentries, computer science engineer, made This decentralized search engine lets you explore the press without any third-parties between the newspapers and your web browser. Meeting and explanations from his company located at Pougne-Hérisson (79).

  • How your search engine is working ?

  • How can work without datacenters ?

  • Why is it better on a ecological and ethical points of view than traditional search engines ?

  • Why puts forward it free / libre software status ?

  • Why did you make ?

And you can find where Pougne-Herisson is on their map of local initiatives :