Decentralized search engine & automatized press reviews

[C mon Territoire 79] Europe funds a project made in the Belly button of the World

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Figure 1. Simon D. in his office © 2021

Offering an alternative solution to the digital giant Google News, Simon Descarpentries, computer science engineer, did it !

This web enthusiast just created, a decentralized search engine that helps to automatize press reviews. Settled with his little familly at Pougne-Hérisson since 5 years, his home is also his work place. Hours dedicated to the developpement of free software that help to liberate from Google.

1. Free access for all

« During 5 years I’ve been benevolant in an association to make its press review, so I had the opportunity to imagine the perfect tool. In 2019, the dutch foundation NLnet accepted my application and helped me to set up the project with european funds. »

Without middleman and freely distributed, once installed on Firefox is decentralized. Respecting your private life and without advertisement, it’s your computer that handle the searches, with no need for an server somewhere else. You can select the sources to search in, export your results, it’s simple with just a few clicks ! Today 285 newspapers are accessible from 53 countries and in 22 languages [1]. Allow the medias to gain independence from digital giants, it might be the solution !

2. Call for donations

Sponsorships, partnerships and donations are now essential to perpetuate this economic model, which already attracts more than 550 users per day [2] [3]

1. At the time of copying this, it’s 326 sources.
2. The original article mistakenly reported the user count as users by week.
3. The 2021-03-30 has 700 daily users.