Decentralized search engine & automatized press reviews

[Underscore] Émission Underscore #214 of the 31st jan. 2021

Radio podcast.

Here is a transcription of the big lines :

1. Subject : (interview Siltaer)

1.1. How can we introduce you ?

Web artisan…

1.2. How came the idea of ?

From 5 years of press review of La Quadrature du Net…

1.3. What is it userful for ?

To search in newspapers…

1.4. How is it different from RSS readers ?

It use newspapers own search engines…

1.5. How to help you ? (giving money ?)

The best way to help me is to contribute, source code, or new sources.

Then one can help getting known.

Lastly, you can help me dedicating time to the project via Patreon (or Liberapay).

1.6. You have other projects if I’m right, can you tell us about them ?

There are side projects : month_nb, and gettext_html_auto.

But also the blog.