Decentralized search engine & automatized press reviews

[] to evade the swamp of third-party trackers

The NLnet foundation added to its list of currently supported projects, and wrote a good presentation of it. is a press search engine, in the shape of a browser add-on. When using it, everything happens between the user's computer and the queried newspapers. Using, there is no data sent to third party (including our servers). We're not asking the users to believe that we respect their privacy, it's a matter of verifiable fact that we do. That means there is no single point of failure, of surveillance or of censorship.

Why does this actually matter to end users?

To keep up with the news online, you need to traverse a swamp of third-party trackers on most newspaper websites or rely on news aggregators that give you little choice how to search and select from the multitude of stories out there. And your search engine of choice just might put a few fake news articles in between actually relevant news results simply because these sensational and untrue pieces attract a lot of (unjust) attention.

Instead of evading all sorts of surveillance schemes and fake news, news readers simply want to search through relevant reporting and reliable news sources to catch up on the latest developments. This projects will develop such a press search engine in the form of a Firefox addon, where everything happens strictly between your computer and the newspapers you are interested in. No surveillance, no censorship and no fake news, but instead privacy-friendly, trustworthy reporting as it should be.