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Version 1.8.13 : fetch token and source maintenance

1. v1.8.12 : use to improve Wikipedia

Version 1.8.12 was a small release mainly made for source maintenance and to adding a "secondary source" source type useful for improving Wikipedia (adding secondary sources on articles). The timing of the release was driven by a debate an mailing list.

2. v1.8.13 : some source maintenance as per user feedback

Version 1.8.13 is also a small release. It responds to a user feedback about "dates in future" for This newspaper does not provide years in the dates of its results. It was naively added to simply adding the current year on each date but this only works hot and abundant news. So unless someone convince to improve their search result presentation, they will stay in the' incompatible sources list.

Off-Investigation also needed to be fixed, as they suddenly stopped to serve results via RSS.

3. is now indexing more french speaking sources than Google Actualités

By the way I added 16 new sources. They are french ones, so now is indexing 513 french speaking sources, which is more than the number of sources Google News advertises for it’s french speaking version.

So it’s a small release for, but a great achievement for the free software community and the freedom of the press.

4. token_sel : fetch a token to build your search URL

On a technical point of view, this release is adding the token_sel mechanism. It’s a way to fetch a token somewhere on a page of the source before launching the search. As stated in the source documentation (at a new URL) :

Some sources need a token (present on the regular search page for instance) to serve results. Others need a preliminary request to setup the next response language…

In those cases it’s possible to define a preliminary request that will perform before the search.

In addition to the token_url field, a token_sel field now exists and allows to choose which element of the page to extract and re-inject in the search URL of the source via a replacement token "{T}".

This allowed to fix the issue #54 and to integrate / to I also allowed to add back

5. v1.8.13.1 : fix a bug on date parsing

Everyone knows that nothing is to be pushed in production a friday evening, is no exception. This version fixes a bug on date parsing, and at least one other sub-release will be needed.