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CANCELLED : at the JDLL 2021

The exact date and time are not known yet, but a presentation of will take place at the JDLL 2021, the saterday 3rd of April 2021 or sunday the 4th.

The event, that the association ALDIL has the courage to organise despite the risk of sanitary lock-in, is calling for crowdfunding.

This blog entry will be updated as soon as the exact date and time of presentation will be known.

PS the 2021-02-19 : the presentation will be saterday the 3rd of april 2021 in the « Vie citoyenne » space.

PPS the 2021-03-22 : the JDLL team just announced to speakers that the event is cancelled (due to restrictive measures running against COVID-19 sanitary crisis). The JDLL website will soon presents the subjects that should have been discussed.