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Release of v1.5

After a long summer break, here is the new version of

This version fulfills a new development step of NLnet support: Better Firefox integration and fewer asked permissions.

This versions also add off-the-roadmap cool features, such as optional photo loading in results, or possible filter-out of results from a particular source once the search is done (to clear out garbage results from a broken source for instance).

Here is the detail of delivered improvements since v1.4 :

  • New links in the interface :

    • Add a local permalink for the searches (the link icon 🔗 at the end of the search stats). This link allows to create a bookmark to quickly perform the same search again (search terms, source selection) ;

    • Add an "arrow" (↗) link to the sources search-page, to browse results directly at the source, and get older results for instance ;

    • Add a "cross" (✘) link allowing to remove results of a particular source among the search results, to clean up results from a deceptive source ;

    • Add a "reload headlines" link (↻) ;

  • Behavior improvements :

    • Direct display of photos in results, and new "photo" result type (+ setting to only load the pictures on demand, clicking on them, and spare bandwidth) ;

    • Improved keyboard navigation for accessibility purpose ;

    • Dynamic update of the tab title according to search stats ;

  • Better Firefox integration :

    • Browser notification for long (>8s) searches [1] as per issue 20 ;

    • Ask for fewer permissions : ask for host permissions at search time and give control to user (drop them, request all, keep them or not) as per issue 33 ;

  • Technical improvements :

    • Remove unsafe-eval authorisation from manifest.json ;

    • Evolution of the source description format with field aggregation now possible via _tpl field suffix (which is a template combining other field values for this field) ;

  • 25 new sources :

    • Reference press (9) : Estadao, Folha de S.Paulo, El Mercurio, O Globo, Al-Ahram, Helsingin Sonomat, The Times, Irish Times…

    • French local press and magazines (16) : La Croix, TV5Monde, Bastamag, L’age de faire, Le Midi Libre, Le progrès, L’Alsace, Le Bien Public, DNA (Dernière nouvelles d’Alsace), L’est républicain, Le républicain lorrain, Vosges Matin…

    • Video sources : TV5Monde, Le Figaro Vidéos, Le Midi Libre ;

    • Photo sources : 11 sources have been marked with the "photo" result type as a first step.

PS: v1.5.1 fixes a bug about the default tags and adds 20 more Reference Press sources. It also adds an update notification mechanism that opens up this official website at each updates to allow finding out what’s new.

1. If requireUserInteraction is set to its default 0 in your about:config