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Release of v1.4

Long awaited, this version fulfills a first development step of NLnet support: internationalization of the user interface (and a bunch of settings).

The main focus of this development run was to improve the user interface. Here are the most noticeable changes:

  • New settings such as:

    • i18n of the UI with: en, fr, eo [1] locales

    • dark background: auto or forced

    • headlines loading (or not, or limited)…

  • New features:

    • headline page size

    • keeps search terms when clicking on cancel

    • "+ add source" direct link from the user interface

  • interface refinement:

    • more contrast for old VGA screens

    • scroll behind source filters when displaying final results

    • "reset link" for source selection filters

    • "feedback" link in footer

    • import / export results in RSS by default (as it is the most known format)

  • 11 new sources : AFR, ANSA, France Inter, La Naciòn, Sunday Morning Herald…

    • scientific sources : scihub

    • encyclo. sources : e-sidoc

    • broken sources meanwhile : Der Spiegel,

  • Size of the module : 201ko zipped [2]

    • it’s 50% the size of the previous release, and 33% of the biggest one (v1.2)

    • this performance have been achieved through extensive usage of SVG graphics

    • and better compression via zopfli (since v1.2.4) (see Zip compression comparison in

    • .gif animation (163ko) replaced by 4 lines of CSS

PS: v1.4.1 adds "es" locale, and a missing CSS file.

1. Esperanto translation by Le Groupe Espéranto du Maine.
2. Seems that Mozilla recompresses the archive with a not so good algorithm, resulting in a 226.19 KB download.