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Recruitement 2020 OK and v1.5.2

Two months after the publication of the initial call, the project is pleased to welcome Christopher Gauthier as part-time apprentice. He will work 3 days a week on during a year.

But a good news rarely comes alone, and he will be helped, during a maximum of 6 months, by Rémi Plancher recruited as part-time trainee, thanks to another exceptional disposition of the government allowing a candidate for part-time learning years to start with by 6 months as a voluntary trainee in a company, while searching for an apprentice contract.

Both started to work on adding new sources, lifting the numbers up to 200 sources, for 53 countries and 22 languages.

The v1.5.2 of, published today, also add some features in the source description format, such as :

  • the possibility to declare a charset for sources not serving pages as UTF8 (it took 200 sources to find one… DailyNK) ;

  • the explicit definition of a domain name part for sources needing a sub-folder in their relatives URL (DailyNK) ;

  • the declaration of redirection URLs, allowing to ask for the corresponding host permissions, for sources needing to bounce by a third party domain in order to serve results (Daily Telegraph).

Some documentation have been added and some more are still in the redaction process.

This version puts aside the update notification mechanism for the moment. It was relying on the localStorage API, and this last one is wiped out at each end of browser session in private mode (which is the default on TorBrowser). This was triggering the opening of the website at each new session… Sorry for the inconvenience. This functionality will come back based on the API, which is kept between two browser sessions (at least still with Firefox 83.0a1).

Then, a work on accessibility have been started. For the moment it is visible as better contrasts for texts via the WCAG contrast checker tool, but numerous recommendations have been formulated by the Team Accessibility Foundation after the audit of via NGI0.

And to finish, Christopher is currently working this week on the replacement of the Selectr library (improved select multiple) by the Choices.js library which should solve Android problems for sources selections.