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Release of v1.2.4

The versions 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 have been released.

v1.2.3 introduced a better responsive design and compatibility with Firefox for Android. There were other presentation improvements such as:

  • removal of excerpt inline style attributes,

  • fixed checkboxes position in selection mode…

v1.2.4 introduced bug fixes and 13 more sources:

  • 2 of them were contributed by Gabriel d’Atri from Uruguay, and more may come.

  • the other were mainly from the Presse de référence Wikipedia article. More will come in the next releases.

  • live fetch stats has been moved to the top, under the query input, to avoid scrolling all the time to see what happens

  • use of zopfli zip compression and image for title (to avoid embedding fonts) to spare 100ko for the archive downloaded during installation (comparisons were conducted between zip, 7zip zip and Zopfli Zip formats ; sticking to pure zip -9 would have been enough).

  • a discussion have been opened about permissions to find the best way to reduce the permissions required by, as the ability to fine tune this matter appears and Firefox became talkative about it during addon installation

  • a list of incompatible sources is now available in the wiki of the project. Everyone wanting to help be without technical skills is encouraged to contact sources of this list with no feedback yet to try to have them fixing their search features.

  • the official documentation have been augmented, with screenshots and more explanations about how to add sources. It is now available on the main website and is also available in french

  • A Revues category feed is now present in the main website to track press coverage of, for instance Framasoft published an interview about in the Framablog.

  • is currently able to search through: 122 sources for 43 countries and 21 languages.

  • With the Framablog interview, we’re back to hundreds of downloads by day and up to 400+ daily users.

  • also gathered 2 feedbacks at 5 stars.