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1. What is it? is a Firefox addon free-software project of press search engine.

It is currently in alpha version.

It will be composed of:

  • a local brower addon, in WebExtension format for Firefox, handling web search;

  • a personal cloud app (for CozyCloud or NextCloud) to publish press-reviews.

2. How does it work?

First, you need to install a Firefox addon. Then an icon appears on your toolbar, and you can open the in-browser addon page. This page allows you to type your search terms and submit your query. The addon will then propagate this query to the known (and selected) newspapers.

You will get the number of alleged existing results in all newspapers, and the newest available results from each.

You will then be able to filter those results by newspaper, age, or a sub-query.

Newspapers are scrapped from the web, one by one. So you save, at each query, the time that the developpers spent parsing the newspapers :-)

3. Who’s doing it?

Meta-Press.e is developped by Simon Descarpentries, CEO at, during its spare time.

You can help me dedicating more developper time to this project, by supporting via BitCoins : 165xmcfQqdCcpiMr3dM38HnJqFRcFkyzhy


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